Beginning of this year I started collecting LEGO Speed Champions. I limited my collection to European cars which resulted in 14 Speed Champion cars. In my search for new and old LEGO Speed Champions I found multiple youtube channels which share their LEGO city. This got me hooked to start following a few of these youtubers. These youtubers share in each video their progress of building a big city out of LEGO. Most of the youtubers are adult fans of LEGO (AFOL). It is interesting to see their MOCs (My Own Creation) and their collection of original LEGO sets. Most of the LEGO fans have big building from the LEGO Creator Expert line which look very good.

Here the the list of my favorite LEGO Cities on youtube:


A city with a lot of minfigs (lego dolls) and cars, the city is a little bit chaotic but interesting to watch.
Go to AFOL MAN’s youtube channel

Alex Nunes

Alex is rebuilding his city, in other words it is heavy under construction. One big advantage of this is that he is posting every week updates on his city. He has one of the big cities I currently found on youtube.
Go to Alex Nunes’s youtube channel


Brickvault just started as a professional youtube channel about lego. They have every work day a live stream where they build something from LEGO. Next to that they have every month an update of their big LEGO city, which is very organized and looks great.
Go to Brickvault’s youtube channel


One of the biggest lego cities on youtube. JANGBRICKS is a profession youtuber which reviews a lot of LEGO setsi every week. His city has a lot of variations and different areas. Like an industrial area (a harbor and trainyard), space area, shopping malls, construction places. In other words a very nice big city.
Go to JANGBRICKS’s youtube channel


KEEP ON BRICKING is a youtuber which posts a lot of LEGO cars which he designed himself, but he also has a LEGO city. His city is not a standard city, but holds artistic buildings. His LEGO city is definitely worth watching. Go to KEEP ON BRICKING’s youtube channel


This is one of the smallest cities on youtube, but what you see is much more affordable. Nevertheless the city looks great! Go to LEGO Room’s youtube channel


This city has a very nice designed lego city and the city looks great. MrBookieBoo posts every month an update of his LEGO City.
Go to MrBookieBoo’s youtube channel

That were all the LEGO city youtube channels I like at the moment. I will update this post if I find any other interesting LEGO city youtube channel.

For the people who are interesting in my LEGO Speed Champions collection, have a look at the photo below.

My LEGO Speed Champions collection

Last Update 2017-07-02