Yesterday evening I have been watching the Beyond the Brick 24-hour Charity Live Stream. It was a very informative and entertaining live stream. Sadly I did not particitate myself, because my family was in the same room. The live stream was to raise money to purchase LEGO sets for kids in Indiana hospitals. You can still help them by buying items from their Bricklink store Creations for Charity. More information about the live stream and the charity can be found on Creations for Charity. For people who don’t follow them on youtube, hereby their youtube channel Beyond the Brick.

I self bought a Beyond the Brick t-shirt, please keep in mind they are located in the United States and shipping costs will be added for other countries.

You can watch the recorded streams on youtube. I liked the last 4 hours. They had interesting people on the live steam. Jack from BrickVault was there. Also Mike (I forgot his lastname) who is a LEGO Designer answered questions. During their live stream they build two new LEGO Taj Mahal sets and people were working on their MOCs.

Go to youtube to check it out!