There will be a LEGO Certified Speed Champions style set of the RS17. The RS17 is the Renault Formula 1 car of 2017. Renault is celebrating 40 years Formula 1 racing and does this with exclusively developed LEGO sets under the LEGO Certified Professional License. More information about the LEGO Certified Professional program can be found on the LEGO website.

There are three different LEGO sets made for Renault, I will only mention the Speed Champions style set which consists out of 110 LEGO pieces. There will be a limited release of 1000 copies and the price will be 44 euro. From the info I got it will be sold at the L’Atelier Renault on the Champs-Elysées on December 9. Pretty sure soon after they will appear on Ebay for double or triple the original price.

Renault RS17

For more information about the other sets check Brothers Brick

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