Sadly there are no Speed Champions Lamborghini, but there are some options to have your favorite Speed Champions Lamborghini. First option is to make your own Lamborghini, second option is to build somebody else’s design, third option is to vote on LEGO Ideas and hope LEGO approves the Lamborghini when it gets 10000 votes.

First option: Make your own Lamborghini

This option is not for everybody, it is hard to create LEGO Speed Champions cars, even LEGO says it takes them two years to create Speed Champions cars. You can try to create a Lamborghini with the LEGO pieces you have, maybe breakdown an existing Speed Champions car and create with these pieces a Lamborghini. You can also create a Lamborghini with your computer. There a multiple applications for creating 3D LEGO models.

Second option: Build somebody else’s design

There are people who build LEGO Speed Champions cars for fun and share the instructions on youtube. By following their instruction video you can build your favorite Lamborghini. The LEGO pieces can be ordered from Sometimes they show a photo of the pieces or they publish a list of pieces on Getting the correct pieces of a photo can be hard. I did it once and ordered a few wrong pieces. Luckily I wanted two cars and ordered the missing pieces when I ordered the pieces for the second car.

Speed Champions Lamborghini instruction videos on youtube:

Third option: LEGO Ideas

On LEGO Ideas fans can propose new ideas for LEGO sets. When a LEGO Idea hits 10000 supporters the idea will be reviewed. If LEGO approves the LEGO idea it will be manufactured and the creator gets part of the profit. LEGO has approved LEGO Ideas cars before, like the Caterham Seven 620R. Disadvantage of LEGO ideas is that it can take a long time before LEGO manufactures the ideas. But when LEGO creates a Speed Champions Lamborghini you know it is the best.

Speed Champions Lamborghini on LEGO Ideas:

I will update this page when I find more Speed Champions Lamborghini’s on youtube or LEGO Ideas.