My friend really likes Dodge Vipers and especially the Viper RT/10. A couple of yours ago he bought a Viper RT/10. So when I saw on youtube channel of Jerry Builds Bricks the instructions for the LEGO version of the Viper RT/10, I decided to build one for him.

To build the Viper I had to order the pieces. Sadly at that moment there was no brick list on rebrickable for this Viper. Normally Jerry puts the parts list on rebrickable. Luckily for you he has put the part list now on rebrickable. But I had to pauze the video and identify the LEGO pieces one by one and put them in For the wheels I was not sure, that’s why I asked. Luckily Jerry responded quick and I finished the parts list. I uploaded from the part list to bricklink and ordered the LEGO pieces. That’s was the first time I bought something via bricklink. And many orders followed…

When building the Viper I noticed I ordered some wrong pieces. I updated the file and added the missing pieces and made a second order on bricklink for a second Viper and the correct LEGO pieces for the first Viper.

After receiving the LEGO pieces I finished the first Viper and build the second Viper. I was very happy with the result and the experience I had. I have to say the video speed is fast so I had to pauze the video multiple times when making the Viper. Luckily new videos of Jerry are of better quality and slower.

Last month I gave the LEGO Viper RT/10 to my friend which immediately recognized the car and was very happy with it.

Jerry Builds Bricks

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Photos of the Dodge Viper RT/10

Here some photos of the LEGO Dodge Viper RT/10 by Jerry Builds Bricks. LEGO Dodge Viper RT/10 side top view

LEGO Dodge Viper RT/10 side view

LEGO Dodge Viper RT/10 top view

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I found the wheels of the Dodge Viper interesting, one wheel which exists out of two tires. LEGO Dodge Viper RT/10 Wheel parts view