Space Pirate By FerRory Bricks

Yes, a Space Pirate made out of LEGO! Not my idea, but the idea of youtuber I BUILD WITH BRICKS, he got the idea from Masterbuilder EJ. Youtuber I BUILD WITH BRICKS is a new rising youtube star. The Space Pirate is a pirate in a space suite with a “wooden” leg.

Two weeks ago I got my own Space Pirate. I saw his video and I decided that I wanted my own version. I put the pieces in LEGO Digital Designer and uploaded the LDD file to and I ordered the pieces there. The LEGO pieces together costed me a little bit more than 3 euro including shipping. Bricklink first made two shopping carts at two different stores, but I was able to reduce it to one store. This saved me money on shipping costs. Two days later I received the LEGO pieces by mail and in the below video you can see how I build the Space Pirate.

Sadly the Space Pirate’s hand stills falls out. The next time I order at I will order the “shoulder” piece to fix this issue. The shoulder piece is actually called a BAD ROBOT ARM in the LEGO Digitial Designer.